Keraton G.M.Saunan was a Palace in the reign of the King G.M.Saunan.

Location :
Located in Mulia Kerta village Kecamatan Benua Kayong, its about 4 km away from the city center.

Attraction :
There are  few relics of G.M. Saunan reign with their own historical stories and myths. One of the most well-known is Padam Pelita cannon, which is believed to be made by “the unseen creatures”, some of 40years old to 300 years old traditional clothes named Kain Pelangi (means Rainbow clothes) which once owned by the Royal family are also can be found there, and any other historical relics.

Acsess :
20 Minutes driving from the city center

Facilities :
Find G.M. Saunan Park is beautifull, small shops ( simple ), find veranda or relax cottage and Guide is Keraton key of skilled worked.


This Ketapang Malay house is one of the hermitage of art and culture of the Malay Ketapang

Located not far from the city of Ketapang, approximately 2 km from the city center Ketapang, precisely in the village Mulia Baru district. Delta Pawan.
Attractiveness :
Beautiful views of characteristic Malay houses made of wood This object Direct dealing with Pawan river

Attractions Malay Traditional House can be reached with 4-wheel vehicle or wheel 2 about 5 minutes away.

Large yard, parking of vehicles too wide, smooth road condition and there is a small dock to sit relaxed sitting on the edge of the river while fishing. road condition and there is a small dock to sit relaxed sitting on the edge of the river while fishing.


City Forest function and useful such as to make micro climate, engineering, arsitektural, estetika, temperature modification, Absorption of rain water, protection wind and weather, reins of weather polution, waste manage and small reflection sun ray, reins of land erosion, decrease of surface current, tie up land. Vegetation construction can arrange of water balanced with interseption, infiltration, evaporation and transpiration. City Forest hope to latest fortress for city lungs as weather filter and clean weather supplier, the function of water hidrolisa to flood contend and dry.

Location :
Located of this City Forest in Sukaharja village ( Dalong ) Kecamatan Delta pawan about 3 km from City.
Attraction :
This forest is still attractive, There are some of species Flora forest plants still complete life in this forest, also too its Fauna like various of bird and primate. Many tenagers adolescent, lover nature, and Pramuka that is practice with out bond in this City Forest. Situation of luxuriant and still original too. We hope this City Forest can make comfort. Education and tourism is very good.
Acsesibilitation :
Located in City and its transportation is enough fast to arrive in City Forest, we can go by car or bus and motor - cycle will beyond river, because its located too river edges. The wide of this City Forest reach 91 Ha, furthermore to come to City Forest we must go through tour about 900 meters, it takes with walking or by motor – cycle.

Facilities :

Still to get ready like street, bridge and information place.


Located :
The location is at Village Attractions Right Cloud River district. Pawan estuary, about 10 km from the city center Ketapang. Dead Water Beach is another name of this beach.

Attraction :
Air Mati beach have many 27 birds species endemic. There are many bird made Air Mati beach Tour Park of Bird watching. Air Mati beach too magrove forest have sand and muddy. This area is good for study and exercise, because there is field. Besides that, this Air Mati beach we can see ritual activity Bekaluk custom and the other activity.

Acsessibilitation :
We can go to this Air Mati beach from Ketapang City by motor- cycle and car, it takes us about 15 minutes of trip (in City)

Facilities :
The location is very extensive, often used as a place Camping Students and Scouts, Arena Competition Motor Grass Track, Sports and Recreation Public Beach.


Tanjung Belandang Beach is not lose interesting with spell of Beach in other region. This tourist object is beach tourist object is nearest with Ketapang City.

Location :
This tourist object is about 12 kilometers from Ketapang City in Sungai Awan Kanan Village.
Attraction :
This location is very wide and often used by students for Camping and Scouts, Grasstrach, Beach sport, Water – cycle and recreation place for the Public. Outbound tools are available in this tourist object with tower boastful is 8 meters.In this tourist object, every August there is Water Party or People Comfort to celebrate memory Independence of Indonesian Republic.

Acsessibilitation :
This tourist object can be reached by motor – cycle and cars, it takes us about 20 minutes. The road condition to this location is good. Transportation can be find at Terminal, transport inter Payak Kumang Ketapang City Rp. 20.000,-/people and if by ojek Rp. 50.000,-/people go – home.
Facilities :
Veranda, Restaurant, Outbond, Music comfort stage and wide location.

The founding of Ketapang City can’t be separated from the golden era of Tanjung Pura Kongdom. Tanjung Pura Kingdom is oldest Kingdom in West Borneo. From name Tanjung Pura until this time the name still as Tanjung Pura University at Pontianak and Kodam VI Tanjung Pura at South Borneo and as a name street in Province Kalbar.
Location : 
The archaeological site is situated in Tanjung Pura village Kecamatan Muara Pawan, about 45 kilometers from Ketapang City.

Attraction :
There is a row or complex Tanjung Pura Kingdom Grave and history about Religion Tour. Besides that we can find otentik evidence from history ago of Ketapang. This object can make as research center and History Education. Not far fromthis complex, there is a solitude field. Its size is 10 x 10 meters. This was the place used by the Kings for meditation. This solitude field is in the middle of the forest, this place is always clean although nobody cleans it. Besides that backof grave there is a well for washing face King daughters.
Acsessibilitation :
They can be reached in 2 hours by motor – cycle or 4 hours by boat, or 1 hour by speed boat.

Facilities :
There is veranda and Garve Cottages can make place take shelter, simple Mushola for sholat. There is a weel for washing face, hands and feet.

Sawi Island and Tengar River is Tourist Object Love Marine Education ( OWPCB ). Besides a fishing area, in the area of Cagar Alam Muara Kendawangan is conversi area make place interesting for tourist.
Location :
This location of  beach about 70 kilometers from Ketapang City, in the  area of Sungai Tengar Village, Kecamatan Kendawangan of  Regency Ketapang.

Attraction :
Besides beach panorama, there are many orifice Tengar river that have waterbargain. There are many kwarsa sand make Sungai Tengar have special vegetation of casuarina tree and Gelam tree. There are many orchid terastrial and kantong semar there is in kwarsa sand. The grass field and this underbrush too place to look for eel animal eat such as, Sambar Deer, is animal special in this region. In this region have too small group islands its area around. There are some kinds of fish and there are many sea biota, besides that there is Pinctada Maxima ( Kerang Mutiara ) and Stichopus ( Tripang ),never produce as comersial. One of animal is enough unique is Belangkas ( Limulus polyphemus ) or often name is ( Horseshoe crab ),because its shape like horseshoe. Animal hand skin growth with speed up. Besides Belangkas, there is too call is King Crab. This sea animal is life fossil. Guessis 400 million years. This Islands group is hobby of visitors is fishing can doing its activities.
Acsessibilitation :
It can be reached by carand motor – cycle to Sungai Tengar or we go by bus,- to Kendawangan or can stop in Sei Tengar village,- from Ketapang. Going to Sawi Island,we go by motor –boat, it takes us about 45 minutes with price Rp. 1. 500.000,- ( can receive 7-10 person ) with fisherman boat in this region.
Facilities :
Place spend the night in house people,motor boat. Tourist quide for Fisherman at Island Sawi with perice Rp. 1.000.000,- by day.


Located of Regency Ketapang is 350 kilometers south course from Pontianak Province consist of land region and waters with have various of ethnic group like, Melayu, Dayak and Tionghoa, with other of ethnic group.

A. MELAYU : Melayu Dance, Pencak Silat, Nyapat, Bride groom Melayu, custom clothes.

B. DAYAK : Gawai Dayak custom, Traditional sumpit, Dayak of weave, Tolak Bala Monument, Custom clothes.

C. TIONGHOA : Game of Naga, Cap Gomeh Parade, Barongsai, Music tools of Traditional, Tatung.

Sapek                           Sanggar Hulu Sungai

Hulu Sungai Art Galery.
Located in Saunan Street, Ketapang Regency, West Borneo.
Is the Traditional House of Dayak which become the center of cultural art practice and traditional handicrafts galery. Tourist will find all kind of dayak traditional stuffs like Traditional Weapons, Traditional Beverages, Tradional Music Instruments, Traditional Tattoo, Traditional Painting, Bones and Leather from special ceremonial animal, etc.
Sometimes dayak community held traditional ceremony in this place, also they have traditional beverages party and traditional dance together with local and foreign tourist. So, if you interest to know and learn all about Dayak culture you should go to this place.